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Avene’s Flash Sale Includes the TriAcnéal Night Smoothing Lotion


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For those that lived out their teenage years relatively unscathed by acne only for it to appear in your 20s and 30s, we hear you—and we have your back. Post-adolescent acne can arise for several reasons, some of which are excess oil production, hormones and inflammation. That’s why having a solid skincare regimen in place is of the utmost importance, and according to reviewers struggling with the same issue, there is one “holy grail” treatment that should be on your radar.

Avene’s TriAcnéal Night Smoothing Lotion has been deemed a “superstar product” for its transformative powers over adult acne, as well as its anti-aging benefits that have left shoppers’ skin “smooth and comfortable.” All the more reason to pick up a bottle while it’s currently 30 percent off with code TAKE30 during the brand’s flash sale; you only have today and tomorrow to reap this discount.

Avene Flash Sale


TriAcnéal Night Smoothing Lotion

Here’s why you should act fast: The potent nighttime lotion was specifically formulated to treat blemish-prone skin on adults, and clarifies the complexion for a radiant, youthful appearance. The inclusion of papaya extract and retinaldehyde (a member of the retinoid family) gently exfoliate the skin for minimized bumps and uneven texture, while diolenyl (the brand’s self-made bacteria fighting creation) soothes blemishes, redness and irritation across the face. 

And, you can expect results fairly quickly. “Cleared my skin in two weeks. My skin tone is more even, no irritation as I have sensitive redhead skin. I suffer from adult acne and this is the best product I have ever used,” raved one reviewer.

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“Overnight, I could feel a difference in my face,” shared a second person. “My co-workers noticed how glowing my skin is. My husband compliments me every day on the improvement. I have been doing some research on the active ingredients my face would need to heal and what has been dermatologist recommended, and this ticks all the boxes for me.”

What’s more, it doesn’t hurt to keep more than one Avene product in your regimen, per reviewers: “After spending thousands on other products and co-pays to see a [doctor]..I’ve finally found skin care products suited just for me. Since I started using these products my skin has bounced back healthy as it should be.”

Luckily, you can snag several of the brand’s bestsellers at discount during this flash sale—just make sure to enter code TAKE30 at checkout. 

Avene Flash Sale


Tolérance Extrême Cream

Avene Flash Sale


Tolérance Extrême Cleansing Lotion

Avene Flash Sale


Cleanance Mask

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