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Customized Skincare Has Landed at Target & It’s Easier Than Ever


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I get it; skincare is overwhelming. I literally work in beauty and it still gets confusing for me. There are just so many products out there, so many steps to maintain a balanced routine and not enough time in the day to make sense of it all. But! I will say that getting in to some sort of routine is absolutely necessary. Unless you’re in your teens, you really can’t get away with sleeping in your makeup or using a bar of soap to wash the day off of your face anymore.

If you’re feeling totally lost at where to start, Pure Culture Beauty at Target has you covered. Pure Culture was founded by two beauty industry vets Joy Chen and Victor Casale after they realized that most people have no idea what their true skin type is, and even more people actually get it wrong once they’ve made a guess.

To cut out the stress and guesswork, Pure Culture starts you off with an at-home skin test that tells you exactly what type of products you should be using for your skin concerns. It works like this: First, purchase a kit at Target.com that includes just a personalized serum, a personalized cleanser and serum or the entire three-piece kit that includes cleanser, serum and moisturizer for a simplified three-step routine. Once the kit arrives, it’ll include information to log on to the Pure Culture website and take a skin quiz where you can detail your main concerns. Then, open up the included test kit and press one piece to your forehead and the other to your cheek. Record your results online and based on whatever product amount you chose, your customized formulas will ship directly to your door within the week. You’ll never have to worry about using a serum formulated for dry skin on your oily skin type or vice versa ever again.

You can learn more about Pure Culture Beauty here and check out our picks for the best products to ship directly to your home:

Pure Culture Beauty Custom Skincare Set – 3ct

Pure Culture Beauty Custom Skincare Set - 3ct

Courtesy of Target.

Might as well spring for the three-piece set since you know you’ll get three effective skincare steps that are formulated for your skin type and concern. Remember, first the test will ship to you and then the three products, based on your results.

Pure Culture Beauty Custom Serum

Pure Culture Beauty Custom Serum

Courtesy of Target.

If you just choose to pick up the test and the serum, it’ll cost you $29.99.

Pure Culture Beauty Custom Serum & Moisturizer

Pure Culture Beauty Custom Serum & Moisturizer

Courtesy of Target.

Similarly, if you just want the test, the serum and the moisturizer, it’ll run you just under, $50, so that point, it might make sense to purchase all three pieces for just a few bucks more. Since the three-piece kit is only $59.99, it’s like paying just under $20 per product that’s completely customized to you.

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