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  • Iron Chest Master Push Up Machine

    Revolutionary home fitness equipment that ditches push up bars and handles to sculpt the perfect chest; Resistance bands provide necessary contraction to build strength in your chest, arms, shoulders, and abs: NO RESISTANCE = NO RESULTS
    Scientifically proven to activate 58% more peak muscle than the bench press; Combines the exercises of bench press, dumbbell press, push-ups, cable-crossovers, pec deck, and dumbbell fly without the workout equipment home gym expense
    Home workout equipment for men and women that uses the body’s natural “Arc Movement” for full range of motion, thus rapidly developing a bigger, stronger, leaner chest and providing 46% more peak muscle activation than the pushup

    Iron Chest Master Push Up Machine

  • Synergee Farmer Walk Handles. Set of 2 Farmer Walk Carry Handles. Portable Exercise Equipment. 600lb Max Weight Capacity…

    ★ NO NONSENSE ★ – These handles are designed for the weight training traditionalist. Just load up the handles and walk. Those who are recognized for being the most industrious and the backbone of society do these movements on the daily: since farmers are recognized for their legendary strength, why not train like them? Plus, their spatial efficiency means less time fussing about storage.
    ★ STRONG, COMFORTABLE & SOLID ★ – Our Synergee Compact Farmers Walk Handles are constructed with premium steel and coated with black powder-coat finish. The steel and coating combination protects your bar from abrasions to increase its longevity to the max! Plus, the ability to hold your weight close to your body and just outside your leg makes it hands-down the most comfortable gear for loaded carries!
    ★ BUILD FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH ★ – These handles are incredibly effective, they look awesome, and they build functional strength. No fancy, thin collars required; with the 2” sleeves, you can use your trusted Synergee Aluminum Collars and Bumper Plates to load ‘er up! That’s right, no specific collars required – that means even less fuss and clutter!

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